Monday, April 4, 2011

April has begun!

Well, I finished my March challenge strong! I spent in total over 8 hours editing my book (I spent extra time a few days) and I am very close to being finished. It feels really good to be so close to being done with it. I'm almost kind of sick of it. I wonder if real authors feel that way about their books by the time they're published? I don't know any authors so I guess I'll never know. I'm sure my parents are ready for my book to be published because they keep begging to read my book but I won't let them until it's published...My dad assures me he will buy a copy no matter what, but still... Please take a moment to enjoy this picture of my calendar with 31 smiley face for each day I spent 15 minutes editing my book!

This month's challenge is off to a good start. So far I've walked over 6 miles of Two Rivers city streets in my quest to step foot on all of them. I have to say it's kind of difficult picking a route because I try to zig zag back and forth in order to hit as many streets as possible, but then I'm left with the cross streets. So then I have to come back at a later time and hit the cross streets. I've started to chart my walks on, and if I can figure out how to link that to this you'll be able to see my progress. I also got a map from city hall and I carry it and a highlighter with me so I can mark off where I've marked. Today wasn't that great for walking- it was really windy any time I headed west (which was 50% of my walk) but I still got some good walk in. I had to call it a day when a rather annoying chafing issued caused me to come up lame, but hopefully tomorrow I'll lube myself up well and be ready to hit the road again!

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