Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update update update

Well, as the month of February drew to a close I had a few fun surprises. I received an envelope from Trek with 6 stickers in it. I had sent them a letter telling them how much I love my Trek bike and how I appreciate their headquarters is in Waterloo, Wisconsin! I thought it was pretty funny that they didn't send me a letter or anything, just 6 stickers in an envelope. Then I received a letter from Dyson (because I love my Dyson Animal vacuum so much) and they wrote,
"Dear Andrea, Thank you for your letter. We're pleased that you are enjoying your purchase and we appreciate your support. Comments from consumers who use our machines over time are very valuable to development of future products. You might be interest to know that one third of the people at Dyson are engineers and scientists who are constantly challenging and improving existing technologies. Dyson is committed to absolute customer satisfaction." Then they went on to tell me how to contact them (although obviously I already KNOW THAT!). So that was cool.

Then, I got a letter from Menards. I'm sure you know how much I love that store and how much money I spend there. I also totally love that they send me a birthday card with a gift certificate for a free gift and also how they have "Made in America" sales. This is what their letter said:
"Dear Andrea: Thank you for taking the time to write and for the business you have given us. We appreciate your comments about the birthday gift and products made in America and have taken the liberty of forwarding a copy of your letter to those involved so they may enjoy them also. We value your business and look forward to serving you in the future. Sincerely, Arlene Krueger" (signed by a real person!)

I'm pretty excited that I got several responses from my letters. I certainly never expected any feedback, so it was pretty neat. Now, to talk about this month's challenge. I've been...lazy. Actually, I haven't been lazy so much as I've been super busy, so this month's goal had kinda fallen by the wayside. Yesterday I finally had some time off so I spent an hour or so editing my book. Today I've spent another half an hour, and I only have another half an hour to go before I'm all caught up. I feel really good about the changes I'm making, and hopefully it will turn out to be a book that is worth your time to read! Thanks for reading my blog, friend. I'll try to keep it fresh for you.

Oh, can I add that we started a fitness challenge at work? The winning team gets ipod shuffles, so basically I HAVE TO WIN! I've been exercising my butt off (I wish that would really happen) and I am finding it challenging to participate in two challenges at once (haha, play on words. Get it?) I can use your encouragement to keep me active. Thanks in advance. I'll let you listen to my ipod shuffle once I win. :)

And, Lent started today so I've given up chocolate. That's 3 challenges! EEK!

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  1. I'm still waiting for you to get your autographed picture of Mike Rowe...keeping my fingers crossed!