Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 3

January 19
Today I drove myself crazy with this silly challenge. I want so badly to go buy myself a new shirt for my upcoming birthday, but the only clothing that I can find that is made in America is at Schroeder's Department Store (ie it's made for 75 year olds) or on the internet. So, again, I will keep my money in my wallet instead of spending!

I'm finding that any kind of textiles are nearly impossible to find made in America, whether it be clothing, towels, hats, mittens, underwear... It's frustrating.

I'm not really sure that I'm living up to this challenge 100% because I feel that if I was truly buying American, I would go to whatever lengths necessary to get myself American clothing. Instead, I just keep telling myself, "February is coming, just hold out until then!"

On an upbeat note, I purchased some commercial carpet tiles for in my closet at the ReStore last week and forgot to note their country of origin before I purchased them. Amazingly, they were made in America! I also was able to purchase a can of paint at Menard's that is made in our country. I was impressed overall with the amount of home improvement supplies that are made right here in America. And Menard's even had a Made in America sale the week of my birthday! I should also mention that Schroeder's has a Made in America window display this month too (thanks Dan for the heads up on that). So I guess if you look hard enough, you'll find a few other people who at least give thought to where things come from!

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