Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 5

January 25
My mom's birthday is tomorrow, and she couldn't think of a gift that she wanted that is made in America, so I got her...nothing. Just kidding. I went to the Bakery on State in Manitowoc and got her some beautiful cupcakes, and then took her out to lunch. We had fun, and I reassured her that as soon as Feb 1 rolls around I'll buy her something really nice from China.

I've managed to stay away from the Fox River Mall all month- even during the 5 days I was in Appleton last week- but today I gave in. I'd like to thank my friend Laura for putting up with my incessant rambling about how I couldn't buy anything because all the clothes are from China. We did have fun discussing whether we thought Chinese people wore clothes made in China (we agreed they probably import their clothes from Thailand). Laura even offered to buy me the clothes from China, but I felt like that would be cheating. We headed to Scheels, where I wanted to check out ski goggles for my upcoming ski trip this weekend, and it was like the clouds parted and the heavenly host of angels were all singing as one: I found ski goggles that are made in America AND the brand name is "Smith". It's like it's meant to be! Laura bought me those for my birthday, and then I found some heavy duty mittens for my ski trip that are made in Minnesota. I'm going to be the most American girl on the ski slope!


  1. This is so cool- Last weekend I was in Houghton and "needed" a new Michigan Tech stocking cap. I saw one I liked, grabbed it off the rack, and there for all the world to see was in red white and blue a tiny American flag with those glorious words "Made in the USA". Way to make me think Andrea. I think my next column in the Denmark News will be about your resolution.

  2. Knowing that I've brought attention to purchasing things made in our great nation makes me proud. And if I can get just a few people to purchase American products over those made in other countries, I'll count myself a success! Also, I didn't know you wrote in the Denmark News and I need to see this column once it's written!