Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Challenge #2 begins today!

I survived an entire month of buying products only made in our fine nation, and it was a challenge. I'm glad I did it though, because it definitely opened my eyes to how much stuff we import. Also, on items where I actually had a choice whether to purchase American or Chinese made, the products made in America are always of a better quality. And it feels really good to know I'm supporting my fellow citizens instead of someone halfway around the world. I would consider the month a success! I was even able to find my mom a cute shirt at Schroeder's in Two Rivers that was made in America, so she got her birthday gift after all. It was kinda funny because I told the woman working at Schroeder's that I was looking for something made in America, so she helped me search every rack in the entire store until we found a few things. Then, when I was still browsing another old woman came in looking for ankle socks and the woman working at Schroeder's said, "We have a nice selection of Wigwam socks back here, and they're made in America! That young lady at the front of the store is buying products only made in America, and I think that's something we should all do more of!" It was neat to know that I got the two old ladies thinking!

Today I began February's challenge: Write a complementary letter each day. To get started on the right foot, I purchased some nice stationary and pens (MADE IN AMERICA!) and sat down to write a letter this morning. The first person I wrote to is my friend Emily, who gave me a miniature trophy a year ago for being the "Most Adventurous" person at her house in Florida, because I was going crazy on the dirt course in their backyard on her ATV. I never considered myself to be adventurous, but receiving that little trophy planted a seed in my mind, and since then I've lived like I AM the most adventurous person. Including skiing with no helmet (this past weekend), and going to Charleston alone for a week last summer! I'm not expecting to see any feedback or get any mail back from this challenge, but if I did it would be fun. I just feel like there's too many people out there in the world who are tearing each other down, so I would do my small part to try to build people up without expecting anything in return. We'll see how it goes!


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  2. I love this month's challenge! You should check out this site that was developed by a guy I used to work with at Direct Supply, the whole purpose of his work is to make the world a better place:


    Also, check out their sister site:

    Every week there is a mission to send a quick note to people out there in this world to let them know someone cares!