Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Uber Tanning Company, today's your day!

Today I wrote a complimentary letter to the Uber Tanning Company in Owatonna, MN. I purchased a pair of leather mittens at Scheel's made by them before my ski trip and they totally rocked! My hands were so warm and dry the whole weekend, which is rare for me because my hands and feet are always cold. Even when they were soaked and frozen from the significant amount of time I spent laying face-first on the snow hill, my fingers were toasty roasty! At $35, they cost more than I would typically spend for a pair of mittens, but in this case I feel that purchasing a quality product that was made in America was totally worth it! It's also nice to know that I'm supporting a business that has been operating since 1904 and is being run by a sixth generation leather tanner!

If you're looking for the finest quality leather gloves, mittens, vests, jackets or motorcycle gear, check out

I sound like a commercial. Too bad I don't get any kickbacks for the free advertising I'm doing here :) And for the record, the picture is of my frozen Uber mittens. Can you sense how tightly I was clinging to my ski poles and the ski lift?


  1. I bet they'll be uber excited to get your letter!

  2. Were your hands actually frozen in that position? :)