Sunday, February 27, 2011

The month's almost over!

Whew! I'm glad this month is almost over because I think it was harder to think of 28 people/companies to write to than it was to buy American. Ok, maybe not, but it was tough. I haven't posted recently because I've been super busy, but here's who received letters from me recently starting where I left off on my last post:
Feb 11- Lynn Allen, the most wonderful babysitter God ever created. She truly became a second mother to us and made Laurie and I members of her family. We love her!
Feb 12: The ReStore in Appleton. They sell new and used home supplies and proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity
Feb 13: American Pickers. Frankie and Mike entertain me every Monday night as they travel the country, picking treasures from people's barns and garages.
Feb 14: Josh Gracin, a great country singer who sings two of my favorite songs: Brass Bed and Endless, Helpless, Hoping. (Update: unfortunately, this letter was returned to me as "Not Deliverable to Address". I don't think the USPS tried hard enough to deliver it.)
Feb 15: Jim Caviezel, the actor who starred as Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. He is also in The Count of Monte Cristo and Frequency. Great actor and a morally upright example.
Feb 16: Lynn Austin, author of quite a few Christian historical novels I have been enjoying lately
Feb 17: Dyson Vacuums- I've never used a vacuum that works as well as my Dyson Animal. It was worth all the money I spent on it.
Feb 18: Pure Michigan, the tv and radio commercials with Tim Allen as the narrator talking about what a beautiful place Michigan is. Those commercials are the most beautiful poetry I've ever heard and they bring tears to my eyes!
Feb 19: Trek Bicycles- some are even made right here in Wisconsin! I bought my first Trek a couple years ago and have been extremely impressed with the quality of the bike
Feb 20: Hallmark Channel- I love love love their Hallmark movies and I love the Hallmark commercials they play during the movies. They both make me verklempt!
Feb 21: Hallman/Lindsay paint company- paint made in Sun Prairie, WI. I purchased it for the first time last summer and it's the best quality paint I've ever used!
Feb 22: Steve Martin- I love his cd The Crow that came out in 2009 with his banjo songs, and he's got another cd coming out it 2 weeks. I can't wait, and I wish I was as good as him at the banjo
Feb 23: Tempe Convention and Visitors Bureau: They recommended the beautiful hike that I took while on vacation and also recommended taking the Apache Trail, a 1 lane dirt road highway hanging precariously off the side of a cliff. It was awesome!
Feb 24: Whitecap Mountains: I went skiing there last month and the lift operators were so friendly that they really made the experience even more enjoyable!
Feb 25: Jacobs Meat Market, aka The Wiener-House-Store in Appleton. My family's been shopping there for years, and they are one of the last neighborhood grocery stores in town.
Feb 26: Steve Carell- I love him on The Office. He never fails to make me laugh!
Feb 27: General Mills- they make Fiber One cereal and granola bars, which keeps my colon happy.

Now, I'm sure you noticed the photo at the top of this post. I sent Bob Barker a letter back on Feb 7 telling him how I grew up watching The Price is Right and how the show wasn't over until he said "Have your pets spayed or neutered. Goodbye everybody!". I also told him how much I admired him for his contributions to the fight to save whales from Japanese whalers. I didn't ask him for anything in return, I simply told him I admired him. And he sent me a signed picture of himself! In case you can't read it, it says "To Andrea, Thank you for your lovely letter Bob Barker". I also thought it was neat because I didn't put my address in the letter, so he had to go through the trouble of saving the envelope and getting my address off it. So, even though my intention was never to receive anything from this month's challenge, it still made me feel good to get that nice picture!


  1. Glad to know your colon is happy.

  2. The Hallmark Channel is also awesome because of their never-ending reruns of the Golden Girls.

    And, I'm glad you wrote the weiner house store a letter. I appreciate them, and how delicious their store smells, too.