Sunday, February 6, 2011

Don't I look hot in these goggles?

Today I wrote to Smith Optics, the company that made the ski goggles that Laura bought for me before my ski trip. I actually took some ribbing from my friends when they saw me whip out goggles at the ski hill. They couldn't fathom why I would need them (I guess they thought I'd be skiing really slow. Boy, were they wrong.) Anyway, in a funny twist of fate, 2 of my 3 friends ended up buying their own goggles at the pro shop by the time the ski weekend was over! I absolutely love the goggles I got. They're slightly orange tinted, so they really cut the glare from the sun. They protected my eyes during each and every one of the 41 spills that I took on the hills and kept my eyes nice and warm. I know that sounds dumb, but usually my eyes water so bad when it's windy out and I didn't experience any of that. And I honestly think that cut down on how much my nose was running too, although I still could have used the Snot Bucket my sister always said she was going to invent. Best of all, these goggles are made in America, so I had to send them a letter to let them know how important that is.

Yesterday I sent a letter to Janet Evanovich, a prolific writer whose most recognizable books are the Stephanie Plum series (One for the Money, Two for the Dough, Three to get Deadly, etc). I devoured all 14 of her novels after my neighbor Amber introduced me to them. They are about a woman who becomes a bounty hunter just to pay the bills and the incredible adventures and exploits she endures just to bring skips to justice. (Don't I sound professional? I've picked up a few things reading these books!) I was actually able to find a physical address to send a letter to, so that made me excited.

Just for the heck of it today I decided to type "Fan Mail Bob Barker" into Yahoo and see what came up, and sure enough, I found a website that gives addresses for many stars. I wasted so much time digging around the Discovery website looking for an address for Mike Rowe, and on the Travel Channel website looking for Adam Richman's address, and now I have them! Woo hoo! I am going to send an engagement ring to Adam Richman along with the letter and see what happens. I've always wanted to marry someone who can out-eat me, and believe me, there's not many out there who can!

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