Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome back!

I haven't posted anything in a few days and I've just been terribly overwhelmed with people asking me, "Andrea, when can we expect your next witty blog post regarding your not-so-challenging-challenge of writing one letter per day?" And I say to those people, "Today. Today is the day."

On February 7th I wrote to Mr Bob Barker, telling him how much I admire his dedication to "Have your pets spayed or neutered". Maybe if my renters had watched the Price is Right they would have gotten their cats fixed and not let them pee all over my house. But I digress... I also told him how much I admire him for making a $5 million donation to the Sea Shepherds, which allowed them to buy a new ship last year to fight the Japanese whaling ships.

On February 8th, I wrote to my future husband, Mr Adam Richman from Man v. Food. I have to say that I always thought his name was Adam Richmond, so it's a good thing I looked it up before I wrote the letter. I told him that I really admire his appetite, his hilarious commentary, and his ability to ingest enormous amounts of food. I also shared with him the one food challenge I undertook in my life: I ate a Gilbert burger way back when Gilbert Brown was a Green Bay Packer. When I say I ate a Gilbert burger, I mean I ate the whole thing, while my "plus-size" uncle was unable to finish his! It was the finest food victory I've ever experienced.

On February 9th I wrote to Nicholas Sparks, the author of the majority of my favorite books. I told him I am able to tear through his books in just one day, as long as I have an entire box of Kleenex next to me. And it gives me some hope that romance exists, when I consider the tender words that he writes in each book.

Today, I wrote to New Balance shoe company. I had known for some time that they make shoes in America because Jason Schampers once told us, while we were sitting around a campfire up north, about how those are the only shoes he buys because they are made here. I had looked at the New Balance shoes in stores before but was never able to actually find any. I went to their website to look, and not only did I find the shoes but I found a very nice video showing some of the people who work in the American factories and talking about the company's dedication to their American workers. While browsing through the shoe selection, there is an actual tab right on the website where you can choose "Made in America" shoes or "Assembled in America" shoes. I found some that I really liked and bought them- and didn't even have to pay for shipping (through Feb 14)! So, in my letter today I told them how much I appreciate their dedication to American workers and I also told them that I was going to share with you, my faithful reader, how much I enjoy their shoes. I really do, too. Their shoes are well made and last forever, and come in great colors and styles. So, the next time you need walking, hiking, athletic or any type of athletic shoes, you should try New Balance shoes...and make sure you get the Made in America shoes! Here's the link, just to eliminate the work for you!

Tell them Andrea sent you. Just kidding. It'll take a few days for my letter to arrive, and they won't know who Andrea is until then;)

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  1. Did you have a professional photographer from America take that picture?