Friday, February 4, 2011

You're a dirty man, Mike Rowe.

Yesterday I wrote to Schroeder's Department Store and shared with them the story of the the cute old lady who helped me find an American made birthday gift for my mother. Today I decided to write to Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs. I shared with him that I myself have a dirty job, but unfortunately he'd never be able to come work with me as I don't think we could find a patient who would agree to be filmed while puking or having their butt wiped. Oh well. I learned a little something that will come in handy during this letter writing campaign: movie stars/singers/authors/etc no longer have addresses listed on their websites for where you can send mail. They exclusively expect you to contact them over the internet, which is discouraging for those of us who are trying to reconnect with the ancient art of letter writing. The only address I was able to find for Mike Rowe after 45 minutes of searching was the address to which Eagle Scouts can send a self addressed stamped envelope and receive a signed letter from Mike in return, congratulating them on their honor. So, I addressed it to there. Hopefully someone will read it. I guess for the rest of my letters I'm better off sticking with businesses or places where I've already found the address in advance.

On a positive note, I discovered Mike's website, which is called It's entirely dedicated to Mike's conviction that we have to remove the stigma from pursuing a career in the type of occupations that make life livable- those jobs he portrays on the show, like septic tank cleaners, farmers, old mattress picker-uppers, etc. He goes on to say how America has become so focused on the idea of getting a nice, easy job in an office that we now look down on people who perform manual labor, when we actually NEED these workers to survive. It's really a very clever website, and completely crafted by Mike himself, so if you enjoy listening to his hilarious antics on tv, you will certainly like his website. And I'm sorry to say, Coren, but in all of my digging I found out that while Mike is still single, he states he is "off the market". I guess you'll just have to get your fill of him on Dirty Jobs, Lee commercials, Ford commercials, and After the Catch. Or stare at this nice picture I got of him from the Discovery website!

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